The Humours Of Folly Beach South Carolina Photographs by Frank Melvin Braden Words by Ellie Maas Davis Foreword by Marjory Wentworth The Humours Of Folly



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Frank M. Braden
Ellie Maas Davis






Frank Melvin Braden


My first camera was a Minolta 101 that I used to record my tour of duty in Viet Nam.

Viewing war through the lens of a camera afforded me an unyielding eye, though my photography is not documentation or a straight retention of a moment. Rather, I try to invoke a mood. My pictures often depict places of transition - doors, walkways, the movement of the city at night. Though these places hold their own energy, the life of the moment is really captured through the harmony, and disharmony, of color and black and white.

Overall, I try to capture the singular experience of life, finding extraordinary beauty in the weather beaten, tired, and irrational scenes of existence Today the 101 is gone replaced by a Cannon 5D II.


Humours of Folly photographer Frank Melvin Braden

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